Twin Turret top-Battle cannon

Twin turret top with battle cannons

Twin Turret top-Laser cannon

Twin turret top with laser cannons

Twin Turret top-Tri barrel auto cannon

Twin turret with tri barrel auto cannon.

Twin Turret top-Chem cannon

Twin turret with chem cannon

Watch tower

Multi part resin kit, supplied unpainted

Cargo containers

3 part resin set figure for scale only

Rubbish filled dumpsters

2 part resin set.

Rubble piles and craters

8 piles of battlefield rubble and 7 craters.

Earth Works 21 piece set

28mm scale Earth Works, 20 pieces 160 cm long in total. The top log of each section is 20-25mm tall, half of the pieces have a gap below the top log to look and fire through.